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Our pasta is made from the freshest Cacklebean eggs from Gloucestershire and the finest Italian flours. Having travelled extensively around Italy, we know what we’re doing!


Our Antipasti selection will introduce you to a variety of delicious Italian charcuteries, cheeses & olives sourced from small independent producers and farmers throughout Italy. Complementing this amazing produce will be delicious salads, locally made Italian breads and tapenades.


All our sauces are made using the best seasonal British produce, everything we can’t source locally comes directly from Italy. Check out our suppliers to see where we source all our amazing ingredients.

D.O.P Italian Cheese's & Garnish

The perfect amount of freshly grated Parmesan, Gran Kinara or Pecorino Romano and a garnish to give it that extra finishing touch!


Each week we deliver fresh pasta and delicious sauces to your door ready to cook and eat in under 5 minutes

In 2017 we packed up our possessions and our 6 month old son and went on a tour of Italy to learn the authentic way to make fresh pasta.

Now we deliver fresh pasta and homemade sauces to you.

Made each morning, our pasta is the freshest around. Each dish includes fresh pasta, a delicious homemade sauce and fresh parmesan and can be prepared and ready to eat in under 5 minutes


  • Yes, we are a weekly delivery service – you're not locked in to anything. Cancel whenever you like by giving us a call on 020 4538 3991 or email
  • Step 1: Login to your account. - Step 2: Select "change my order". - Step 3: Choose your preferences and save.
  • Most people like their pasta delivered weekly, as they hate missing out on our exciting new dishes. However, with the delivery schedule on your online account page, you can also get deliveries bi-weekly or as rarely or as frequently as you like. It's totally flexible!
  • Not at all – Our London delivery boxes will fit through most letterbox’s, if you don’t have a letterbox we’ll leave it in a safe place and let you know where it is by text or call.
  • We regularly deliver to apartment blocks, houses without front gardens, flats on main roads, if you're not in we’ll leave it in a safe place and let you know where it is. You’ll never pay for pasta you can’t eat!
  • Make changes up to 48hrs before your delivery day.
  • All our dish cards have full list of ingredients and allergens. Please refer to your account page to see what's coming up.