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Our story

A note from James

I first became acquainted with the vast and varied world of pasta during an apprenticeship at the Michelin-starred restaurant in Moderna, L’Erba del Re. As a result, Rebecca and I packed up the contents of our little flat and set off with our six-month old baby, Freddie, on a road trip to Italy in 2017. Our friends and families thought we were mad, but those months on the road cooking and tasting as much pasta as possible resulted in the creation of Nonna Tonda in 2020.

We travelled extensively, learning about the history of dishes and trying recipes we had never heard of. We bought ingredients from local markets and recreated and adapted recipes somewhat chaotically in our Airbnb kitchen whilst Freddie slept nearby. We discovered so much variety in the regional dishes we sampled. From the richer egg pastas of the north to the semolina pastas of the south, we couldn’t wait to start making and sharing our pasta with you.

What we are

Quality & produce

At Nonna Tonda we aim to bring you dishes that do justice to Italian regional cuisine, using the best ingredients cooked with minimal fuss.

  • Cacklebean farm eggs from Cackleberry Farm in the Cotswolds
  • Flour from Paolo Mariani Mill in Marche
  • Cheese from the Fiandino brothers in Piedmont
  • Vegetables from Natoora


Like all good Italian cooking we keep it simple. Our food is honest, fuss free, authentic and fresh.

We have a limited menu which means we can concentrate on using great ingredients, having little wastage and on making sure each dish is delicious.


We pride ourselves on having the freshest pasta. Ours is made daily and is in our customers’ homes within 24 hours.

We use no preservatives or additives in any of our dishes. Our food is wholesome, healthy and delicious. 


Our dishes are incredibly quick to put together. It only takes 5 minutes from opening the box to plating up a delicious fresh pasta meal.

As well as being fast they are fun to prepare and give you ownership of your meal. We are one delicious meal you don’t have to think about each week. 


  • 40% of our deliveries are done via electric cargo bike and electric vans.

  • Our boxes are recyclable, and we collect and reuse 20% of them.

  • Our garnish pots are made from cornstarch and are fully compostable.

  • Our pasta bags are compostable.

  • Our sauce bags are recyclable.

  • With our limited menu and direct to consumer model, where we know order numbers in advance, we have little wastage.